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What if we could tell you when stocks in your portfolio are a buy or sell signal?

What if you have your own way of picking stock(s) and you want our alerts as a comparison?

What if you wanted to have our RJTI alerts sent to you the stocks of your choice based on your chosen time frame Daily, Weekly, and Monthly?

We welcome the opportunity to assist you, It’s simple. We are an alert signal based system and if you invite us to help we are happy to do so!

How do we do this? All information communicated to you is from our system concluded alerts or views and this is a mechanical approach. When the alerts occur we simply send them out to you for stock(s) you have provided to us. We then send the signals to you by email or text —- your choice!

5 stocks or less $
5-10 stocks $$
11-20 stocks $$$
21-30 stocks $$$$
41 -60 stocks $$$$$
61-80 stocks $$$$$$
81- 100 stocks $$$$$$

Provide us with the stocks you are following and we will create a watch list portfolio for you that will be scanned based on your chosen time-frame whether Daily, Weekly or Monthly and anytime our system triggers an alert based on our proprietary indicators, we will inform you by email and text. Our job is to provide you when the alerts have met our criteria and you can then decide if you want to take action!

Explore the alerts of RJTICHARTS!

*We never share your information with third parties.