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How It Works

We blended 5 proprietary indicators and a special RJTI indicator conformer to suggest when to identify buy/sell signals. This is a trend following system with the aim to catch as much as possible of the trend. We aren’t interested in trying to pick tops or bottoms, but to allow our proprietary indicators to gauge whether or not the temperature is right to enter or exit a market. If we end up picking the Top or Bottom of a move so be it.

The process path for our proprietary indicators work through a filtering sequence to summat and conclude that it is time to Buy or Sell in all Equities, Futures or Forex markets. The process is simple. A=B=C=D=E= that each customized indicator is in agreement with others (A=B=C=D=E) which suggest the idea that the temperature is right to Buy or Sell. When the filtering process has reached this level and only at this level will we work to identify a Buy or Sell signal. How? The last deciding factor is whether or not our special RJTI Indicator agrees with what the other customized proprietary indicators have presented as potential opportunity. When the filtering process is completed and we get our RJTI indicator confirmation that Buy/Sell signals are true we post them to our website for you review.

What you need?

You will need to set up your own account or have an open account to execute your trades, an email address and mobile text availability. Whether you are a novice with only $200 or a pro with $10,000,000 or more doesn’t matter to us. We are an alert signal based company and you are subscribing to our service to get what we believe are some of the best trading signals available. 99% of the time the trading alerts will be available at end of day. New Daily signals are updated usually by 7:00 pm(CDT)  and  New Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly signals are usually updated after Friday’s close through Sunday 4:00 pm (CDT). Yes there will be occasions when an update could occur outside of normal times and we will work to send you an email or mobile text. Our goal is to send out alerts at the time they are generated.

What if you want to trade our strategy?

We do have different time frames 15, 30, 60 minutes, Daily,Weekly,Monthly, Quarterly strategies you can lease for trading .

 If you would like to lease a RJTI trading strategy  it can be done through us and some brokerage firms also execute our trading signals packages.

Take a look at where some previous signals were generated by our RJTICHARTS System.


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